Low Grade Well-circumscribed Well Differentiated Liposarcoma Developed in Fibroadenoma with Stromal adipose differentiation of the Breast; A Case Report

  • Essam Ayad Cairo University + Italian Hospital - Cairo


Fibroadenomas are the most common breast tumor in adolescents and young women.They comprise  20% of benign breast masses and 12% of all breast masses in postmenopausal women. Smooth muscle metaplasia and adipose differentiation are uncommon forms of stromal differentiation encountered in a minority of fibroadenomas. Liposarcoma can arise from pre-existing benign lesions like phylloides tumour or from lipoid tissue in the breast. In this article we present a case of 38 year-old female who presented with a right breast mass which was clinically diagnosed as a case of fibroadenoma, but histologically showed a low grade well-circumscribed liposarcoma discovered in a pericanalicular type of fibroadenoma with stromal adipose differentiation. According to our knowledge, this the first case of a well-circumscribed liposarcoma arises in fibroadenoma of the breast.


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Breast Fibroadenoma; Stromal Adipose differentiation; Well-differentiated liposarcoma.