Extralobular Sequestration

  • Klaus Kayser
  • Stephan Borkenfeld
  • Gian Kayser


Lung sequestration is a radiological/clinical diagnosis displaying with a mass of lung parenchyma that is not connected to the
tracheobronchial tree. Intralobular sequestration defines lung parenchyma that is covered by visceral pleura; extralobular
sequestration defines lung parenchyma that lies outside the visceral pleura.
We report the histological findings of a 71 years old women suffering from chronic cough, recurrent bronchopneumonias, and
several radiological densities in the left lower lobe (lingula). A resection of the lingula was performed.
The histological findings include focal active fibrosis and marked media hyperplasia and dislocalization of pulmonary arteries as
well as a tumorlet of carcinoid type and focal adenomatous hyperplasia (AAH).

Differential diagnosis: Pulmonary Hypertension, Venous occlusive disease, Congenital malformation


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Extralobular Sequestration, Pulmonary Hpertension, Tumorlet, Lingula, Lung, Resection, Atypical Adenomatiod Hyperplasia