Amelanotic metastasing melanoma mimicking lung cancer

  • Daniela Flamur Xhemalaj Department of pathology -University hospital of lung diseases-Tirana
  • Fatmir Caushi Department of Surgery-University Hospital of lung disease-Tirana
  • Linda Ulazzi Department of molecular Biology-Universita di Ferrara
  • Rosa Rinaldi Department of Pathology -Universita di Ferrara
  • Giovanni Lanza Deparment of patholology-Universita di Ferrara
  • Hasan Hafizi Head of Service of Pneumonology-University hospital center of lung diseases-Tirana
  • Mehdi Alimehmeti Head of Department of Pathology-University hospital Center-Tirana
  • Gisela Pumo Department of Pathology-University hospital Center-Tirana
  • Asela Hasa Department of Pathology-University hospital Center-Tirana


Lung is one of the most common site of metastasis in patients with malignant melanoma. We report a 64 year old man, who was submitted to our hospital. He complained of increasing intensity of shortage of breath, cough, and loss of weight within the last weeks. Serum analysis was normal. X-ray and CT images displayed a circumscribed density in the lower left lung, suspicious for lung cancer. Bronchoscopy and biopsy indicated a non differentiated malignancy which could not be further classified. Excision of the lower left lobe and of mediastinal lymph nodes was performed. The post surgical definite histological diagnosis revealed an amelanocytic epithelioid melanoma (positive for HMB-45, S-100). Pathologists, pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons should be aware of different cell types of intrapulmonary malignancies although primary lung cancer contributes to the outstanding majority of large and solid lung lesions.


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Malignant Melanoma, Lung metastasis, Immunohistochemistry, Lobectomy.