How do I diagnose Pagetoid Bowen Disease

  • Rita do Espírito Santo Carvalho Central Lisbon Hospital Center - Department of Pathology


Bowen disease is a variant of squamous carcinoma in situ, which sometimes presents with a pagetoid growth pattern with cytologically atypical clear cells. In that case, the differencial diagnosis includes Paget disease and melanoma in situ, as well as less common entities. Here we describe a case where histological differenciation is difficult and immunohistochemical studies are necessary to make a diagnosis. Here we also highlight the heterogeneity of CK7 expression and the apparent specific expression of p63 in Pagetoid Bowen Disease.


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Rita do Espírito Santo Carvalho, Central Lisbon Hospital Center - Department of Pathology
Pathology Resident


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Paget Disease; elastotic degeneration; Skin; p63