Bentonite is a rock created from sedimentated and encrusted volcanic ash; for details, see under the heading volcanic ash.

Synonyms/Trade Names:



It is composited of quartz, feldspars, micas (montmorillonite) and contaminations of chalk .

Medical Importance:

Key Hazards:

Chronic inflammation.

Involved Organs:



Bentonite has waterretaining properties, and is used in ceramics, foundry mould bonding, and also in insecticides and pesticides.


In Germany, MAK 6 mg/m3.


Associated risks are not known.

Lung Diseases:

Associated diseases are not known, however, some cases of silicosis (induced by bentonite ores contaminated with quartz) have been described. In one study, chronic pneumonitis with severe dust deposits in bentonite exposed workers has been reported.

Clinical Presentation:

No associated symptoms are known.


Chest radiographs are usually normal.

Lung Function:

Usually normal.

Bronchoalveolar Lavage:

The mineral fibers can be detected in the lavage fluid.



The lungs display no abnormal findings.


The mineral particles can be deposited in the distant airways, and be ingested by macrophages, and transferred to the proximal lymph nodes. An increased number of intra-alveolar macrophages and mild mononuclear inflammatory infiltrates may be noted.


Usually good and without serious sequelae.

Additional Diseases:



In animal experiments, the storage of intra-tracheally instilled bentonite induced only a focal tissue reaction. The pulmonary lipids or phospholipids did not increase. Therefore, it is assumed, that bentonite has an oriented protein or polysaccharide surface, which protects the macrophages against the necrotizing potency of bentonite.


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