Pathology Assistant (C) - Gamechanger Of Pathology Diagnostic

  • Asel Kudaybergenova Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, pathology, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • A. Remez UNIM, MOSCOW, Russian Federation


Introduction/ Background

UNIM Ltd. specializes in pathology diagnostics and digital pathology. We have created the SAAS platform DPathology that can be used for saving and studying histological slides and it doesn’t require an installation of a special software. You can use the platform with all the modern internet browsers. The SAAS platform gives all the specialists a chance to analyze remotely digital histological slides. It increases the accuracy of diagnostics and speeds up the medical assessment. The platform is used in several hospitals to get a consultation from the leading specialists from all over the world. It also can be used to create the Medical Big Data and the database for pathologists.



Using our platform, we developed a digital multi-head microscope system for the professional society and we are planning on holding the first education program based on it onthe 15th of January 2016. Specialists fromCzechRepublicwill be our speakers and as the first round we want to show four cases of skin cancer.



This year we hold a competition for pathologists based on Dpathology software ( 250 specialists registered to take part in the competition. There were fourteen cases from different specializations: we provided participants with clinical data and digitized histological slides. We got the cases from our partners from theCzechRepublicandItaly.



When the competition ended, we received many favor- able reviews and we decided to start another project a little bit similar to the competition. Every month we show three interesting and difficult to diagnose cases provided by the leading Russian pathologists. The participants can look through the clinical data and digitized histological slides, and then discuss what they see among their professional society. There are 400  specialists  from  post  USSR countries.  Moreover, we get a few proposal of partnership to start a similar project in EU. And the last product in line is Pathology Assistant. It is a game changer. Pathology Assistant is a Digital Pathology©technology driven application for pathology diagnostics, tool to innovate pathology diagnostics in more simple, proven by analytical algo- rithm, automatically delivering anticipated support way. The service provides vast and structured database of validated cases, intuitive interface, fast and convenient system of analytical search. Pathology Assistant will streamline and simplify pathologist’s way to the right decision. Pathologists from Memorial Sloan Catering and biggest EU labs are working on preparing the con- tent for the project.



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