Metastatic embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma to the breast: a case report and review of the literature


A 19-year-old fertile Caucasian female, with a medical history of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in the left upper extremity at the age of 17, presented with enlarged lymph node of left axilla. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology of axillar lymph node revealed a metastatic malignant neoplasm, consistent with the primary embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. Four months later, breast clinical examination revealed the presence of multiple hard and immobile masses located in both breasts. Ultrasound detected multiple opacity areas and ultrasound-guided FNA cytology was performed on two bilateral breast lumps. The final cytology diagnosis of FNA -using ThinPrep® technique- was “Positive morphologic and immunocytochemistry findings of metastatic malignant neoplasm of mesenchymal origin, consistent with patient’s history-embryonal rhabdomyosarcomaâ€. Today the patient is under first line chemotherapy and in good physical condition.


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Author Biographies

Christina Zioga, Theagenio Anticancer Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece
Resident of Cytopathology
Chariklia Destouni, Theagenio Anticancer Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece
Director of Cytopathology Department


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breast, rhabdomyosarcoma, metastasis, fine needle aspiration, cytology

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